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Easter is just over two weeks away, and now is the perfect time to start shopping for Easter basket/egg fillers for your kiddos (if you haven’t already started)! I hate doing things last minute, so I love starting my shopping early enough so that I can just enjoy the holiday magic when the holiday approaches. 🙂 Chloe turned two in January, so she’s still a little young for candy. That got me thinking…what are some gift ideas that are not candy? While there’s nothing wrong with candy, I find that many parents I know are always looking for creative ideas that aren’t all candy. And there are also lots of parents whose kids have various allergies and may not be able to enjoy typical candies. So, I decided to compile a list of ideas for making fun baskets for the kids that they’ll still be super excited about (and will allow you to skip the sugar rush. :)) Here are 155+ non-candy easter basket and egg filler ideas for kids of all ages!

Please note: I’ve grouped the items into categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Any item that has an asterisk (*) next to it is an item that should also be able to not only fit into an Easter basket, but also fit into a plastic egg for an egg hunt. Also, I’ve linked to certain products that we have used before and love, or that just look really awesome. 🙂

Babies (under 2):

1. Food pouches

2. Puffs/other soft snacks

3. Sippy cup

4. Rattle / teether

5. Small toy

6. Board book

7. Outfit(s)

8. Bibs / burp cloths

9. Booties/shoes

10. Panda Crate subscription box

11. Safety spoons

Arts & Crafts:

12. Crayons

13. Markers (If you’d prefer a less worrisome option for young kids, I highly recommend Color Wonder markers!)

14. Colored Pencils

15. Coloring Books

16. Drawing pad

17. Activity books

18. Paint & paintbrush set

19. Stickers*

20. Mini play-doh*

21. Erasers*

22. Pencils

23. Pencil toppers*

24. Pens

25. Water Wow mess-free drawing set

26. Sand art

27. Themed play box

28. Paint by number set

29. “Paint” by sticker kit

30. Rock decorating kit

31. Spin art machine

32. Window markers

33. Scribble Scrubbies

34. Rubber stamps*


35. Books

36. BrainQuest (they have them for all ages on Amazon!)

37. Flashcards

38. Puzzle

39. Peg board set

40. Book of the month subscription kit

41. Small globe (this one also doubles as a stress ball which is a great sensory activity)

42. World map

43. Grow your own terrarium kit

Mealtime Accessories:

44. Fun utensils

45. Fun plates

46. Cups

47. Placemats

48. Lunchbox

49. Water bottle

50. Kid-safe knives

Personal Care:

51. Bubble bath/body wash

52. Fun-shaped bar soap

53. Bath bombs

54. Lip balm*

55. Mini hand sanitizer with case*

56. Electric toothbrush

57. Lotion

58. Body scrub

59. Loofah


60. Bunny fruit snacks*

61. Applesauce/yogurt pouches

62. Animal crackers/Annie’s honey bunny grahams or chocolate bunny grahams

63. Beef jerky

64. Granola bars

65. Cheddar bunnies (put them in a carrot-shaped cellophane bag to be extra festive!)*

66. Fruit leather

67. Freeze dried fruit*

62. Crackers/pretzels/sunflower seeds/nuts*

68. Cookie/snack decorating kit

69. Hot chocolate packets

70. Hot chocolate bomb

71. Water flavoring packets

72. Sugar-free gum*

73. Mints*

74. Microwave popcorn packets with movies-style bucket

Toys – Indoor:

75. Dice*

76. Spinning top*

77. Whistle*

78. Army men*

79. Small plastic figurines*

80. Bath toys

81. Stuffed animal

82. Mini yo-yo*

83. Card games

84. Plastic spiders/bugs*

85. Slinky

86. Marbles*

87. Board game

88. Kinetic sand

89. Dinosaur eggs

90. Jewelry making kit

91. Musical instruments (tambourine, maracas, harmonica)

92. Apron and chef’s hat

93. Cooking utensils (rubber spatula, wooden spoon)

94. Cooking accessories (measuring cups & spoons)

95. Kid’s cookbook

96. Play food/accessories

97. Glow-in-the-dark stars*

Toys – Outdoor:

98. Sidewalk chalk

99. Bubbles* (a mini bottle can fit in some eggs)

100. Bubble machine

101. Pool toys

102. Swim goggles

103. Water balloons*

104. Kite

105. Frisbee

106. Boomerang

107. Bouncy balls*

108. Hula hoop (a little large for a basket, but still a fun gift :))

109. Jump rope

110. Water beads

111. Plant seeds

112. Watering can

113. Gardening gloves

Useful Items:

114. Umbrella

115. Coin purse/wallet

116. Purse

117. Drawstring backpack

118. Piggy bank

103. Calculator

120. Instant print camera

121. Journal/gratitude journal

122. Jewelry box

123. Bookmark

124. Coins*

125. Homemade coupons*

To Wear:

126. Sunglasses

127. Bathing suit (our favorite is Rufflebutts [girls] and Ruggedbutts [boys])

128. Flip flops

129. Fun socks

130. Hair accessories (ties/bows/headband/clips)*

131. Temporary tattoos*

132. Stick on earrings*

133. Mini nail polish*

134. Rain boots

135. Jewelry (stretchy bracelets, necklaces, etc.)*

For Tweens/Teens:

136. Earbuds*

137. Lip gloss

138. Magazine subscriptions

139. Shaving items

140. Charging cords*

141. Fuel gift cards

142. Body spray/perfume/cologne

143. Candle (this brand makes lots of awesome scents!)

144. Cosmetics

145. Make-up bag

146. At-home manicure/pedicure kit

147. Ipsy monthly subscription

148. Online class on Skillshare*

149. In-person class of their choice*

150. Travel coffee/tea mug

151. Rubber/reusable straws

152. Car air freshener

153. Flash drive*

154. Car phone charger

155. Cell phone/tablet stand

156. Portable phone charger


157. Personalized towel

158. Personalized water bottle

159. Personalized keychain*

160. Personalized bag

161. Blanket

162. Small gift card (their favorite store, snack shop, etc.)

163. Highlights magazine subscription

164. KiwiCo subscription box (they offer boxes for kids aged 2-104 🙂 )

We hope that the awesome kids in your life love these fun ideas if you choose to use any of them! Happy Easter, and happy basket and egg filling!

Note: This post contains affiliate link(s).

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