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This is the BEST authentic, easy, and quick Greek Tzatziki Sauce recipe! It turns out perfect every time – it’s full of flavor, ready in 10 minutes, and is perfect for dipping or topping your favorite dishes with!

We love Greek food in the Downes home. Like….L-O-V-E. In fact, when we have date nights, we more often that not end up at a Greek restaurant (Barry’s standing order is octopus, and mine is Spanakopita). I was lucky enough to visit Greece on a high school trip, and I absolutely fell in love with the cuisine while I was there (whole blocks of Feta cheese on salads, Moussaka, the freshest produce…and of course, copious amounts of Tzatziki sauce <3).… Read more


Our fuss-free guide to throwing an adorable woodland themed party in no time! Featuring items from Amazon, this party couldn’t be simpler (or cuter!)

Hello as we (finally!) emerge from the land of Winter sickness. 😛 Chloe turned one year old on January 11th, and right afterwards, got her first cold. She had a miserable couple of weeks, complete with a fever and lingering cough. I consider us lucky to have made it an entire year illness-free, so I’m definitely not complaining. However, I’m glad she’s feeling like her usual self, because having a sick little one is absolutely not fun!… Read more


Sheet pan sausage, potatoes, and peppers is one of our favorite quick and healthy, one-pan meals. It’s perfect for busy weeknights or when you need dinner on the table quickly, with barely any prep!

Our love affair with sheet pan meals has been going strong for months now. There’s something so satisfying about adding a few simple, healthy ingredients to a sheet pan, tossing them with some olive oil and herbs, and baking until they’re hot and flavorful. Sheet pan meals have transformed the way I cook dinner during the week – I used to dread coming home from work and having to spend much of my evening cooking.… Read more


These fluffy and soft pancakes are made with the rich, delicious flavor of eggnog! They are the perfect Christmas morning – or anytime – breakfast!

Are you an eggnog lover or hater? I find that most people are either one or the other, but their opinion is strong either way! It’s almost like how so many people are torn about cilantro (huge fan here!) or mayo (BIG thumbs down from me!) We happen to love eggnog in our home, and last weekend I decided to try my hand at making some eggnog pancakes. These came out DELICIOUS, and would be the perfect Christmas morning (or, let’s be honest, the perfect anytime) breakfast.… Read more


Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for him - collage of items.

Today is the final part of our three part stocking stuffers series – Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Babies! If you missed our first two posts, here they are:

Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Her

Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Him

Today is my favorite post of all, because it focuses on the babies! This is Chloe’s first Christmas, so we’re extra excited about it. As someone who loves stockings most of all, I cannot wait to fill her stocking with fun little gifts. Here are our top inexpensive Amazon stocking stuffers for babies. We own these items and they are all Chloe-tested and approved!… Read more


Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for him - collage of items.

Today is part two of our three part stocking stuffers series! On Monday we featured our tried-and-true, Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Her, and today…it’s all about the fellas! Here are our top inexpensive Amazon stocking stuffers for him. We (well, Barry!) own these items (a couple of them are similar to ones that he owns, due to them being unavailable currently) and use most of them daily. Each item is affordable, and can easily be purchased from Amazon while sitting on the couch in your pajamas. What could be better? 🙂

1. Wallet Ninja

The little gadget is the coolest multitool – it’s a bottle opener, can opener, ruler, screwdriver…and so much more!… Read more