Orchid representing women.


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Women who long to get married, and those that don’t. Women who have lost their partners. Women that are in unhappy and unhealthy relationships.

Women who feel the constant tug of balancing work and family life. Women who feel guilt for not staying home with their children. Women who stay home with their children but long to provide for them.

Women who are caretakers – of their parents, children, spouses, everyone but themselves.

Women who are limited by time, money, resources, imagination. Women who have big dreams but don’t know how to manifest them.

Women who seem to “have it all” but still feel empty.

Young girls who are growing up in a world where big strides are (finally) being made. Young girls who will not be afraid to say “excuse me, I’m speaking” when others try to silence them.

Today, on International Women’s Day (and during Women’s History Month), I think of all women and hold anyone who is struggling very close to my heart. As we all #ChooseToChallenge, let’s remember those that came before us with gratitude, acknowledge those that are right along with us, and pray for those who are to follow us.

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Sending love to and feeling admiration for all of the amazing women in my life and beyond, and hoping that Chloe never forgets how strong she is and never loses her determined and assertive spirit. 💜

“Here’s to strong women…

May we know them,

May we be them,

May we raise them.”


Little girl in the park, looking at the sunset on International Women's Day

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